About me

When it all started again

It is never too late to change your life!

In my life I have always worked a lot, both as an employee and even more as an entrepreneur, where over the years I have started various businesses in many different sectors.

In 2019, and precisely on my birthday, I decided to “GIVE UP EVERYTHING” by selling one of my two small companies, a few months later I also sold the second.

I had developed the conviction that I would have to make radical choices in order to improve the quality of my life, to give more space to my personal interests, aware that “TIME” is the most important thing we have , TO NOT HAVE REGRET

They stay at home, but they are always with me ...

My life

The value of the things that matter


The patterns of everyday life lead us to give a disproportionate, probably excessive value to material things that seem “ESSENTIAL” to us: the house, the car, the latest model of mobile phone, clothing or fashionable shoes.

A “CONSUMER” system in which I no longer feel at ease, for too long I have not given the right value to the things that are really important, that is “HAPPINESS” and “TIME”.

A beautiful book ” Top Five Regrets of the Dying ” by BRONNIE WARE that tells about the regrets of people in the terminal phase of their life has helped me to restore order within myself. It seems trivial, but NO ONE has ever regretted material things, the very ones for which we all sacrifice our time for apparent happiness.

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