Vespup for Africa

The “VESPUP FOR AFRICA” initiative aims to raise funds for the mission IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE, founded over 40 years ago by Father Giuseppe Rabbiosi (Father Peppino to his friends), in Abor, Ghana.

The mission supports more than 500 children of those territories, giving them education, from primary schools to vocational schools, in order to enable them to learn a job and build a life in their country. In this help path IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE also provides all the medical, health and logistical support necessary inside and outside the mission. With the funds raised, wells for collecting water and multifunctional structures used as church, school and kindergarten for younger children are built in the villages. At this link you can download information material.

My trip, on a Vespa and solo from Italy to Ghana, crossing France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Sahara Desert, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and the Ivory Coast, will begin roughly in the second half of October 2022. The goal is to sensitize all the people who will follow me during my adventure, so that they can give their free contribution to the initiative.

If you want to know more about the mission and Father Peppino, see the blog article “Volunteering Vespup for Africa.”

Do you want to come to Ghana too?

An unforgettable volunteer experience that you can also do in the mission in Abor in Ghana. These are usually trips that last from a minimum of two weeks to one or two months. No costs to be paid by the volunteer apart from the flight.

I was there in 2013 and I was able to verify firsthand how every euro that is donated in Italy arrives in Ghana and above all is well spent, without waste, as a good family man would do.

I would like to create a group that arrives in Ghana when I arrive on my Vespa, if you are interested contact me via email at and I’ll explain how everything works.

Company special

If you make a donation to In My Father’s House as a company, you will be able to receive a regular receipt from the accredited ONLUS and tax deduction for the amount offered.

It is also possible to arrange a banner with a message from the company that I will carry with me for the whole trip, until it is delivered as a gift upon my arrival on the mission, together with the sum donated.

For any information or idea write me at

What projects do we finance

With Father Peppino we have identified a series of modular projects that we will finance on the basis of the sums that will be collected.

Multifunctional structures (School, Kindergarten, Church): with € 3,000 we build a structure in a village consisting of a canopy, concrete floor, side walls and furnishings

Water tanks: in villages where there is still no water, we will finance the construction of tanks with a capacity of up to 5000 liters, at a cost of € 1,000 each

– Teacher training: the most deserving students are financed external training to make them become teachers. For three years they will serve in the mission and then go to other schools. Cost of training € 2,000.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer made out to NELLA CASA DEL PADRE MIO - ONLUS at Crèdit Agricol Delebio Iban: IT59H0623052140000015035848 indicating in the reason the word ``DONATION VESPUP FOR AFRICA`` followed by your NAME and SURNAME. By also indicating your tax code in the description, you will have the possibility to tax your offer.

PayPal or Credit Card

Send your donation via PayPal, or, if you don't have an account, by credit card.

Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me is one of the leading platforms that allow you to raise funds, of any amount, safely and quickly. Click and follow the instructions.

Postal account

Transfer to the postal current account in the name of NELLA CASA DEL PADRE MIO - ONLUS number 32982167, indicating the word ``DONATION VESPUP FOR AFRICA`` followed by your NAME, SURNAME in the reason for payment. By also indicating your tax code in the description you will have the possibility to tax deduction your offer.

Your support is important!

Your help, in any form and entity, in support of the IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE mission can be extremely useful and you can do it in several ways. Thank you so much ..., let's keep in touch!

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